Strong As A Mother: Michele Fumagalli

Happy 2018 Games time!!! As we head into the toughest week of competition of the year to wait to see who is going to take the top spot as Fittest On Earth, we can't help but want to brag on our very own Fuel For Fire Athlete Ambassador, Michele Fumagalli! Michele isn't a regular games athlete, she is one strong mamma athlete, making it to the games for the FIRST time as a 30 year old mom! Can you say "WOW"?! 

We are proud to have Michele on our team because not only is she an amazing athlete, she is a mom and a Registered Dietician who knows the importance of fueling her body right to get through long days of training, working, and momming! 

We chatted with Michele before she headed to Madison to learn more about her goals for the games, her training, and what makes her tick!

Where do you live?

Chicago western suburbs, born and raised in Naperville where I find most people know someone who has lived there or have lived there themselves haha

What is your occupation?

Dietitian (RD) is my second degree and career.  A marketing degree from Notre Dame, I worked at Gatorade for 3 ½ years before going back to school for nutrition.  I absolutely love helping others become the best version of themselves through nutrition.  I am also a mother, which is a full-time job, but  I would have it no other way 😊

What is your sport or fitness regime?  

CrossFit. I never thought I would find something I love as much as soccer but my passion for CrossFit and all the amazing things that go with it continues to grow. A gymnast from age 4-9, playing collegiate and professional level soccer player as well as my competitive nature and natural strength from a young age have helped me succeed in the sport.

What is your favorite FFF flavor?

Banana Cocoa 😊

What is your biggest goal for 2018?

To qualify for the 2018 CrossFit Games, now that I have check that off my list it is to finish in the top 20 at the Games!

What motivates you daily to keep pushing towards your goals?

My daughter, my competitive nature, beating the odds (mother and 30 year old making it to the crossfit games for the first time), inspiring other women and mothers.

What is your spirit animal? Why?

My favorite animal is and always has been a polar bear and coincidentally I believe this is my sprit animal.  They are aggressive but playful at times.  Strength, acceptance, surrender (easy-going) and endurance are the totem powers of the polar bear that, I believe, mirror my own character I have developed on this crazy adventure we call life.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? Who would you bring?

Tough question… I love to travel, see new places, experience new cultures, sights and foods.  I would go with my husband (that’s the easy part to answer), we love to be in the outdoors, especially my husband (he hunts and fish) so to experience all that Alaska has to offer would be an unforgettable gift.  If we go the opposite route I would have us go on a 2-week Italian tour, eating, drinking and enjoying the beautiful Italian lifestyle.

If we looked in your gym/training bag, what would we find? Any unusual must-haves?

What would be unusually is the amount of bags I tow with me, just call me the bag lady haha.  I like to have anything and everything I might need and with a toddler somewhere nearby, this mom packs for two. 

Multiple shoes (sandals, metcons, lifters), tape (ALWAYS), grips, a resistance band, nuun, water bottle, gummies, two other outfits (might change depending on workout/weather), pre/post-workout snack 😊 FFF

Why do you love being a Fuel For Fire athlete ambassador?

Plain and simple, I love being a FFF athlete ambassador because I love the product.  I am always on the go, so to have such a delicious nutritious option that fits nicely into a snack, post workout fuel or part of meal is amazing.


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