Why You'll Love
Fuel For Fire

Fuel For Fire was developed as a way to get proper nutrition anywhere and anytime. All flavors have only 7-12 ingredients and nothing artificial. On the back of any nutrition label, the listing is ranked by prevalence and the first ingredient for Fuel For Fire is always REAL FRUIT.

Protein Smoothies

Ready to eat anytime

Unlike protein bars, our smoothies digest easily and can be eaten before, during, and after exercise. Our delicious 6 Original flavors contain 10g of Whey Protein Isolate (the gold standard in whey protein). Are you Vegan or Dairy-Free? We have you covered with 3 Plant-Based Protein Flavors. The smoothies taste great chilled, but no refrigeration is needed. Our products are endorsed by Registered Dietitians, Coaches, and Athletes across the country. Join the thousands of customers who choose our protein smoothies today!

10g Protein


Easy To Digest

No Added Sugar

Made with Real Fruit

Fuel For Fire


Ben Bergeron

Fitness Coach, Gym Owner, Best Selling Author

"My Athletes use Fuel For Fire for post-workout recovery because it's an easy way to get in carbs and protein after a workout. They also use it as snacks, for a healthy whole food source, as well as on game-day when it's hard to get in real food."

Michele Fumagalli

Registered Dietitian, 2018 CrossFit Games Athlete

"Being an RD and athlete, I am a stickler for product ingredients, not only the number but quality. FFF ingredients are few, simple, nourishing, and overall make a delicious product. And, when I find a nourishing product I can tow in my bag to and from meetings, workouts, errands etc. it makes my life not only easier but healthier. The quality and convenience of FFF is why I, and I know you, will love it.

Erica Giovinazzo

Registered Dietitian, Nike Trainer

"Fuel for Fire is my favorite snack for PRE or POST-workout nutrition because it has everything I'm looking for. It has clean ingredients, no added sugar, and exactly the right balance of carbs and protein (and basically no fat). This balance fuels my muscles, my energy for the workout, all the while making it easy to digest. As someone who can't eat a lot before working out and values these qualities in my food, these are huge factors in why I choose Fuel For Fire before my workouts. "

Molly Morgan

Board Certified Sports Dietitian and Author

"What is great about Fuel For Fire pouches is that once they are opened you can put the cap back on - making this ideal to stick back in a bike jersey pocket, backpack, or golf bag. I bring a couple of these along with me for busy days to help keep our little guys fueled and I always bring them along when the boys are out playing a golf match.