Fueling Healthy Children and Communities

At Fuel For Fire, we believe everyone should have access to convenient, nutritious food. That’s why we strive to make the highest quality, best tasting on-the-go food available. That’s also why we’ve decided to partner with The Greater Boston Food Bank and Feeding America to address hunger in our own back yard.

In Eastern Massachusetts, one out of every eleven residents and one out of every nine children are at risk of hunger. Every year, The Greater Boston Food Bank works tirelessly to deliver more than 50 million healthy meals to members of our community struggling to make ends meet.

Every month, Fuel For Fire has committed to donating a portion of our Protein Smoothies to support over 3,000 families through in-school food pantries in the Greater Boston Area. We strive to help The Greater Boston Food Bank and Feeding America deliver on their promises to combat hunger with nutritious food

Click here to find out more about The Greater Boston Food Bank and the School-Based Pantries

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