• Nutrition Series: Coffee


    It's common knowledge for many that Whey Protein Isolate is the Gold Standard in protein for performance and recovery, but we like to aim high, so we paired Protein with superfoods to create the ultimate healthy snack.


    65mg of caffeine, just enough in addition to your daily cup of joe, to boost your performance. Studies show caffeine to help athletic performance by making it easier for muscles to burn body fat. It also increases alertness, which makes exercise seem less strenuous.

    When paired with banana and whey protein in our Coffee Smoothie, the result is a delicious health snack with a boost.


    ✓ Aids muscles in burning fat and raises metabolic rate.
    ✓ Increases alertness, makes exercise feel less strenuous.
    ✓ Rich in important nutrients and antioxidants.



     Rich in potassium to prevent muscle cramping.
    ✓ High in Vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients that promote heart health.
    ✓ Digestible carbohydrates to fuel any exercise.