Fuel For Athletes: Tips from a Registered Dietician

Molly Morgan is a board certified sports dietitian who has extensive experience from working with youth, elite, college, pro athletes and in designing and developing sports nutrition programs. She is a board certified sports specialist dietitian with over 17 years experience in working with athletes.

Currently Molly is the nutrition consultant to the NHL Ottawa Senators and AHL Belleville Senators (formerly Binghamton Senators) and has worked with the organization for 13 seasons. Additionally she works with Binghamton University Men's Basketball (Division I) and has presented to numerous sports teams, clubs, and coaching groups.

When asked when you should you add Fuel For Fire pouches into your diet as an athlete, Molly suggests "When you are active for longer periods of time it is important to routinely have carbohydrates, some protein, and fat to keep energy levels up and balance blood sugar levels. This is especially for activities that are lasting longer than 1 - 2 hours.

What is great about these Fuel for Fire pouches is that once they are opened you can put the cap back on - making this ideal to stick back in a bike jersey pocket, backpack, or golf bag."

Another suggestion noted by Morgan, "is for a quick on the go snack! I bring a couple of these along with me for busy days to help keep our little guys fueled and I always bring them along when the boys are out playing a golf match."

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Molly Morgan RD, CDN, CSSD

Molly Morgan RD, CDN, CSSD
Molly Morgan Molly Morgan is a registered dietitian and author. She has authored three books including: Drink Your Way to Gut Health (2015), Skinny Size-It (2014), and The Skinny Rules (2011). Molly is the owner of Creative Nutrition Solutions and works with Fortune 500 companies, national brands, and professional sports teams. Since 2004 Molly works with the Ottawa and Binghamton Senators (NHL/AHL hockey) as their nutrition consultant.

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