• June 2014 FireBreather Spotlight: Brian Reynolds

    By Krystle Orlando

    Age: 25

    Training grounds: New Jersey and Massachusetts

    Sport/fitness hobbies: Long distance running

    Training routine: I spend most of my time doing high intensity lower mileage programs. I do longer training runs during the weekend but on week days I usually spend my time with various speed workouts, interval training and crossfit workouts.

    Nutrition regimine: I am a vegetarian, because of this I am especially conscious about getting enough plant based protein. I try not to eat any processed food, and if it is junk food I don’t eat it EVER. I do love dark chocolate though, it is an amazing anti-inflammatory.

    "FIRE": Every time I run it tastes of freedom, almost as though my legs have wings. Being able to sprint the last half mile after already running 10 leaves me feeling so happy I am on the edge of tears. Running leaves me feeling more complete than any other exercise than I have done in my life. It allows me to push my body physically while also allowing me to wrestle with my mind. It makes me push through when I don’t think I have any more left in me.

    Three favorite exercises/movements: Running would be my top pick; it trains not only the whole body but also the mind. Second are planks because they stabilize and work the core muscles so efficiently. Lastly, stretching/foam rolling, as it is the best way to prevent injuries and make sure that muscles stay supple and healthy.

    Best piece of advice ever given: The only limitations that you have in life are those that you impose on yourself.