• CrossFit Regionals Prep with Cheryl Nasso

    By Cheryl Nasso, Competitive CrossFit Games Athlete and Fuel For Fire Athlete


    2014 CrossFit Games season is in full swing! I am so excited that in just one short week I will be able to finally put all the hard work I have put in over the year to test. It has been a trying year, but I find that the more I stay focused on each day, I somehow find a way to overcome the obstacles that have been laid in front of me time and time again. My coach has always stressed the importance of focusing on the things I CAN control and trying to block out all the thoughts of things that I have no control over. I had such a hard time doing this for so long. In fact, I think time and time again that this one element has stalled my progress. Doubt in oneself is a sure shot way to find yourself wishing for a different outcome. It is also a sure shot way to find yourself insecure, weak, and wishing that you could just make things happen. If there is one thing I have changed this year, its learning to focus on the things I CAN control. So what does regionals prep look like to Cheryl Nasso?



    As stated by CrossFit, the foundation of any athlete lies in his nutrition. Without having my nutrition in check, I am leaving myself vulnerable to food related performance issues. I am a full time ZONE advocate, not so much for the calorie control aspect of it, but for the mere fact that I know the nutrient breakdown of what I am taking in and I can tweak it as I need. I have also learned to incorporate whole food sources of pre workout fuel, Fuel for Fire, as well as Progenex post workout mixed with coconut water.



    Just as important as nutrition (if not more) is sleep. Sleep is where all the magic and growth happens. My body recovers and rebuilds at rest, so I try and make sure to get in at least 8 hours of sleep a night.



    High intensity training and heavy volume requires an increased need for doing everything I can to make sure i am ready for each and every workout. I take Lurong Living Velvet Deer Antler to help with the rebuilding process, Progenex Omega’s to help with inflammation, and Progenex Force pre workout to get my fix of Creatine, beta alanine and amino acids.


    Warm Ups:

    I love when we get a crew together to hit a nice long warm up. My favorites are On the Minute warm ups with anywhere from 3-5 different movements. I always feel ready to hit a lift once I finish this up. It isn’t super taxing, but builds a good amount of skill work into the day.



    Training is consistent, usually rest days are Monday with an active recovery day on Thursday. I am an avid follower of as well as a member of CrossFit New England which is owned by Ben Bergeron. It is amazing to be able to finally have an amazing coach to watch what i am doing first hand as well as having amazing training partners. Training usually consists of a lift, a squat, gymnastics, and a metcon. Some days we will be heavier on the lifting, and other days we will have more work on the engine with rowing intervals. Saturdays are typically at the track for the first session then back at the gym for barbell and gymnastics.



    I need to spend MORE time on my mobility, but I do make sure to start every shoulder heavy session with Crossover symmetry. This has been a huge help in keeping my shoulders healthy from all the demand I put on them on a daily basis.


    Mental Training:

    Hands down, this has GOT to be the most important part of any training plan. If I don’t have the right mentality going into a session, the outcome will never be what I want it to be. I try and spend time visualizing the good and the bad of workouts to prepare myself for what might happen. This also goes back to focusing on what I can control.


    Trusting myself, trusting that I have put in the work, trusting that I have done everything I can to make myself as prepared as possible is the most important thing for me to focus on as we approach regionals. I can’t change what has already happened, all I can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy this next week. Next weekend, its GO TIME!