• How To Survive Halloween Sans Candy Coma

    By Krystle Orlando

    Halloween is arguably the beginning of that time of the year when you MIGHT just overindulge on all the holiday goodies and all your dedication to a healthy lifestyle goes out the window. Well you don’t HAVE to be that guy! I’ve put together some solid tips on how to keep it together during Halloween. Besides, you still have to survive Thanksgiving and Christmahanakwanzaka... so don't give it all up on the first date!

    1. Have some standards: So you’ve decided you are going to having SOME Halloween candy. I totally feel you. If you’re going this route I’d suggest airing on the side of “healthier” by choosing dark chocolate, or something with nuts in it over candy with crap ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and blue dye No. 2.

    2. Sharing is caring: After you’ve had your fair share (or before if you have any sort of self-control, unlike myself) bring that bag of leftover candy into work to share with your co-workers or donate it to organizations like Operation Shoe Box or Operation Gratitude.

    3. DIY: Forget the highly processed stuff altogether and make your own treats. This way you will KNOW what you’re putting into your body. Pro tip: do this BEFORE you buy the Halloween candy. Bet you can google "paleo almond buter cup recipe" faster than you can unwrap a Reese's! Or bake something a bit cleaner and maybe get some balance in there with added protein or healthy fats while still satisfying your sweet tooth. 'Tis the season for (paleo) pumpkin spice chocolate chip muffins!

    4. Just eat real food: Stick to the plan, Stan! Easier said than done at times, I know, but I can think of a few all-natural, protein-packed, good-for-you snacks that taste like a cheat (but totally aren’t!) For bonus points check out these tasty recipes using Fuel Packs:

    5. If all else fails: Rememeber, sugar = carbs. When you consume sugar your insulin levels spike and the insulin sugar is delivered to your muscles. And when your muscles and energy stores are full, the excess sugar is converted to, you guessed it, fat! In the meantime your body's fat burning process is halted so that the sugar you just ate can be used immediately for energy. So when you're nice and jacked up you might as well get a work out in! At the very least you'll feel like you earned that Snickers bar.