• Breakfast Fit For A CrossFit® Games Athlete

    By Krystle Orlando
    Any athlete will tell you that what you eat before you compete can either make or break your game. Balanced meals full of real foods are a vessel for athletes of all levels to reach peak performance. The best way to succeed is to start winning from the very start of the day with a breakfast fit for a champion. We asked a few of our favorite CrossFit® Games athletes to share with us what they eat for breakfast to stay clean, lean and mean…
    “My breakfast every morning is from Paleo Power Meals: an egg muffin (the eggs with sweet potato and bacon baked into it), five strips of bacon, sweet potato home fries, and a cup of black espresso. Then on the drive to work I have a Fuel For Fire with a big glass of water.”
    --Mat Fraser
    2nd Place 2014 CrossFit® Games
    “For breakfast, I usually have four eggs and a pack of cinnamon and spice oatmeal, or I have four eggs with a Triple Berry Fuel For Fire!”
    --Becca Voigt
    24th Place 2014 CrossFit® Games
    “My typical breakfast is: three eggs, a green smoothie (frozen banana, grapes, kale) or fruit, almond butter, and sometimes bacon.”
    --Julie Foucher
    3rd Place 2014 CrossFit® Games
    “I wake up, have coffee, a Fuel For Fire, and a banana. Then, after I train, I have eggs and vegetables, potatoes or a muffin, fruit, and a glass of milk.” 
    --Craig Kenney
    11th Place 2014 CrossFit® Games
    “One of my favorite breakfasts is made by Custom Fit Meals: It is honey chorizo sausage (a little sweet and a little spicy!) with scrambled eggs and a side of paleo sweet potato muffins made with jalepenos (also a little sweet and a little spicy!) I have that with French press coffee with heavy cream and a glass of water.”
    --Christy Adkins
    21st Place 2014 CrossFit® Games
    “For breakfast I have two eggs, an ounce of cheddar cheese, a couple tablespoons of avocado with salt and baked sweet potato slices.”
    --Sheila Barden
    25th Place 2014 CrossFit® Games
    “For breakfast I usually have coffee with half and half, 3 eggs, a banana and almond butter or some avocado.”
    --Rachel Martinez
    28th Place 2014 CrossFit® Games
    “I eat eggs, bacon and sweet potato pancakes for breakfast.”
    --Dani Horan
    18th Place 2014 CrossFit® Games
    "For breakfast I typically eat scrambled eggs along with some fruit, usually an apple or pear. If I know I have a long workout coming up that morning I will usually add on one of the Sweet Potato Apple Fuel For Fire packs.
    --Gretchen Kittelberger
    36th Place 2014 CrossFit® Games