• Pre Approved Gifts For Your CrossFit® Guy

    By Krystle Orlando


    If there is a fitness fella in your life you better believe he wants some new workout gear for the holidays. And if this particular guy happens to be the type to say “You don’t need to get me anything.” or the old “I don’t need anything.” you’ve come to the right place (unless of course this guy happens to be someone that maybe you hooked up who maybe hasn’t been answering your calls, your texts, or his door and pretty much seems to maybe be avoiding you at all costs. In that case, seriously, DO NOT get him anything.) To everyone else still with me, no need to fret, I’ve done the research for you. My close CrossFit® bros shared with me what they really, really want.


    1.    Bacon ANYTHING. No this tasty trend hasn’t died yet. Bacon does NOT go bad. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t eat it after the exp date, but bacon is always in style. Bacon shirts, bacon band aids, chocolate covered bacon, a bacon bouquet… Bacon actually has it’s own store.


    2.    Double-undies by 2POOD. This is also not a joke. These are for reals a thing. Guys actually want this. I always knew they were the stranger sex and now I have proof.

    3.    Sneakers. Nanos, olys, new sneakers are always mas appreciated by the gentlemen, as well as anyone within a 10 foot radius when he takes his shoes off.

    4.    Compression gear. A man can never have enough. Recommended brands include Virus, 2XU and BSC.

    5.    A Stacie Tovar poster. Anyone surprised by this? Didn’t think so. You could also cop yourself a pair of Red Line white “Go Shorts” and strike your best Stacie Tovar pose, maybe even take a selfie, get it blown up and printed. At least that’s what I would do. Not ‘cause I’m crazy or anything, but because I think I also look damn good in white shorts. The shorts would double as a bonus present for yourself. That's how it's done ladies.

    6.    Lululemon track pants. Guys look goooood in these. Take your man from far less attractive Rob Lowe to Rob Lowe when he slips these on. Well, from behind at least.

    7.    Journal Menu Fitness Journals. Dudes LOVE  to track their gainz. Plus you can customize these so even if he never uses it, it will still look like a really thoughtful gift.

    8.    Any soft, warm hoodie/pull over. Nothing is comfier.

    9.    Wrist wraps. Macho men can never have too many pairs of these. I’ve even seen grown men cry over losing them.

    10.  Compression floss/Voodoo floss. It doesn't matter if you don't know what this is, trust me, he wants it. And no it's not for your teeth.

    11.  Rehband knee sleeves. Just like wrist wraps you can never have too many of these. Especially because we all know that no one washes them every week like you probably should.

    12.  Shakoolie. Just because.

    13.  Protein-rich, pre-workout, post-workout or anytime snacks made from real foods… like Fuel For Fire! Perfectly size for stocking stuffers or fuel him up with a “Full Tank.”

    14.  Laundry bag for inside his gym bag. A guy I work with (who shall remain nameless) once exclaimed that he wished something existed to put his dirty gym clothes in. Blow his mind with a new lululemon gym bag (which includes a removable washable bag) or any small drawstring bag. Just be sure to teach him how to use it. Use simple words. And talk slowly.

    15.  Spiralizer. Guys who do CrossFit® like to eat clean. And guys who eat clean better learn how to cook. Make his life easier (and maybe get yourself a homemade meal) by getting him a spiralizer. Hello healthy pasta.

    16.  Go Pro. Girls like to take selfies, guys like doing film themselves doing dumb ish. It’s a fact.

    17.  Camo anything. Same rules as bacon apply.


    18.  Massage gift certificate or package. No explanation needed. While you’re at it get yourself one too.


    19.  Socks. What was once a pretty simple accessory meant to keep your feet warm, there are now socks meant for every activity possible: running, hiking, CrossFit®, weight lifting, sleeping, pole dancing, you name it there’s a sock for it.


    20.  Lastly, the boys were sure to let me know that if money is no object they would really like a Schwinn AirDyne or a McLaren P1. Basically they are hoping you will surprise them by redoing their garage into a home gym AND parking a sports car in there. So predictable.