General FAQs

I'm not an athlete, why should I care about Fuel For Fire?
Is Fuel For Fire safe for kids?
Why, how, and when should I use Fuel For Fire for athletic training?
Where can I buy some?
Is Fuel For Fire TSA Approved?
What is your return policy?
What if I receive a defective product?

Ingredient FAQs

What is ascorbic acid?
What is citric acid?
What are "Natural Flavors"?
Does Fuel For Fire contain any common allergens?
Is Fuel For Fire compatible with my special diet?
What type of protein is in Fuel For Fire?

SubScription FAQs

How do I manage my subscription?
How do I modify one specific order? (e.g. skip, change frequency or quantity)
How do I modify my subscription account? (e.g. update card information, change address, edit all orders, delete subscription)
How do I add a different product to my existing subscription?