Subscription FAQs

How do I manage my subscription?

Log into your account via "My Account" on the top right of the homepage then select "Manage Subscription” from the left-side menu.


How do I modify one specific order? (e.g. skip, change frequency or quantity)

To modify a single order, start by clicking on the order number you would like to manage, ex. "Order #1"

Once you selected your order # you will be able to make the following changes to that order ONLY:

  • Change the quantity of recurring items by clicking "Product Quantities" 

  • Change the frequency of your order under the "Frequency" column

  • Skip your next order by selecting "Skip Shipment"


        How do I modify my subscription account? (e.g. update card information, change address, edit all orders, delete subscription)

        By clicking "Manage" on the right-side menu (rather than than selecting "Order #") you will be able to manage your subscription as follows:

        • Change/Update your card information

        • Update your Address

        • View upcoming orders

        • View previous transactions

        • Change product quantity for ALL ORDERS

        • Delete your subscription

        How do I add a different product to my existing subscription?

        To add new products to an existing subscription, add a new product first from the store (while logged in) then delete the unwanted product from the upcoming subscription. Or cancel subscription altogether and start a new one.

            Please email for further assistance with managing your subscription.